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Crownox provides a full spectrum of security solutions to international organizations, diplomatic delegations, and Fortune 500 companies. Using a combination of unique human resources and modern technology, Crownox is able to effectively monitor and mitigate threats.

The solution

Comprehensive risk mitigation solutions for your operations, business continuity, and travel.
Security Consulting

With extensive experience in understanding and mitigating risks, our security experts present solutions tailored to our clients’ needs through an effective security strategy. We assist our clients in creating a secure environment by providing basic and in-depth risk assessments services.

Operational Security

After understanding our client’s risk exposures and potential threats, we assist them in mitigating risks on an operational and tactical level. As operational risks significantly affect the reputation and financial stability of an individual or business, the lack of a strong operational risk strategy results in failures and problems in organizational management. From Executive Close Protection to Secure Transportation and Emergency Intervention, we have you covered in times of need.

Corporate Security

We assist our clients in implementing corporate risk management measures on strategic and tactical levels using our wide network of investigators, auditors and security experts. We help our clients identify current and potential threats internally, while also actively analyzing external threats. We work with our clients to minimize financial losses and control margins of error created by people and technology, through setting standard corporate security procedures.

Travel Security

By combining our resources and professional expertise, we created an efficient travel security model to assist our clients in conducting business safely overseas.


We offer full and comprehensive logistics solutions and government liaison services, to assist our clients in navigating through politically volatile environments and across borders with ease, and without having to worry about logistical complications. As such, we ensure the safety of our clients and their assets while operating overseas. Whether it’s a one-day operation or a year-long project, our team is always prepared to provide on-the-ground logistical assistance and support.


Through our affiliate, RedCrow Intelligence (RCI), we offer clients real-time intelligence services, to identify potential threats and stay updated about unfolding security events, and recommendations to mitigate risks. In addition, we provide detailed reports on volatile areas, drawing on raw data from open-source information, human intelligence sources, and social networks.

Case studies

Areas of operations
Physical security
Due Diligence
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