On the Ground Assistance for High Profile Celebrity


Crownox was contacted to assist in a high-profile visit to a Syrian refugee camp in the Middle East. The mission was intended to be discrete and confidential. We were hired by the well-known pop singer and entrepreneur Rihanna and her security team to provide on-the-ground security assistance to ensure safety and confidentiality throughout the trip.


We provided Rihanna and her team logistical support and security capabilities on the ground by deploying three helicopters. Our close protection services included EPAs, vehicles and an advance team. Crownox was also requested to conduct government liaison which included coordinating with the airport to ensure all exits and entrances were confidential and exclusive. Our team also interacted with governmental entities to issue special permits for our aircraft and vehicles on the ground. Crownox also provided a continuous threat assessment which included a consistent social and mass media scan to monitor and ensure there was no leakage of the news regarding the visit.

Expanding Due Diligence Capabilities in the MENA Region
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