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Online Dashboard

The platform presents past and current data, as well as weekly and monthly event analysis. It also provides automated intelligence for organizations seeking comprehensive security solutions. The Alerts Map offers real time security alerts within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region, localized on a map. RedCrow also provides security related live trends and statistics.

Alerts: The alerts log features a minute-by-minute tactical feed that highlights current risks and their threat level, and offers counteractive recommendations to avoid detected threats. Supported by a high-efficiency system, alerts give prominence to the location of the incident on a map along with its distance from the nearest city or landmark.

Mapping System: The advanced mapping system acts as an extension of the alerts log, it highlights three different interactive maps. Each map enables the user to allocate critical locations, potential threats, and/or incident count.

Early Warnings: This feature notifies clients ahead of time of any anticipated incidents happening in a specific area which might entail increased caution. Early warnings are followed by recommendations of practical countermeasures to keep clients safe and their operations running without disruptions.

Mass Media Watch: The Mass Media Watch is a specialized platform that automatically collects security-related news feed from local, regional, and international channels. Focusing on related security and political issues, major points in the text are color-coded and presented conveniently based on the threat level of each event. This not only keeps our clients updated on events and incidents, but it also helps give context to the security updates they receive through the system.

Incident Comparison Chart: The interactive chart allows users to compare the number of security incidents in any given location within a certain timeframe. This feature is especially useful for analyzing security trends in a given time.

Customized Reports

While operating in politically unstable areas, developments on the ground can unfold in an unpredictable manner. Organizations will need to continuously identify complexities and risk management requirements of their professional activities, in order to ensure business continuity.

RedCrow provides on demand reporting on significant incidents occurring near or at key locations relevant to the clients. We ensure that the information clients receive through our reports are tailored to their needs. Our bespoke services are supported by our technology, real-time monitoring, political analysts and security experts. These services range from location assessments, image tracking and sentiment analysis to comprehensive risk and threat assessments.

1. Analytical Reports: These reports offer comprehensive security incidents digest on a weekly basis, and an in-depth analysis of political events on a monthly basis, along with feasible recommendations.

2. Customized Reports: These reports focus on meeting specific requirements and needs.

Risk & Threat Assessments: Our process of risk management includes collecting, analyzing and classifying data and information in the areas of current threats. Once risks are identified, we detail specific solutions and lay out a comprehensive plan to solve issues and mitigate future risks. We also provide calculated forecasts to predict the future risks and threats. 

Location Assessments: We provide detailed assessments of locations based on criteria including but not limited to, the geopolitical situation, political and social environment, historical security data, borders, availability of goods and services, physical remoteness, medical facilities, political violence, and crime.

Situation Assessments: We provide comprehensive assessments of situations related to events and political unrest based on RedCrow’s collected historical data as well as trend analysis to predict future risks.

Travel Security Reports: These reports set forth the risk profile of the country and provide a risk rating for the various regions in the country. Our travel security reports analyze location incidents and assist clients in their travel-related decision-making process, by providing current travel recommendations specified to their itinerary. We also provide site security reports, daily route reports, and reconnaissance reports.

Mobile Application

The accessible, user-friendly mobile application mirrors the dashboard, and allows for quick access to important information on client mobiles. It provides real-time security alerts, accurate mapping system and a specialized reporting system where clients can report incidents they encounter to help notify their organizations and the RedCrow team.

Real-Time Alerts Clients are kept well informed of events that could disrupt their plans. Through the app, users can set notifications to their preferences; monitoring one city or a couple, setting the time for active monitoring and choosing the severity of the incidents to be monitored.

Panic Button: A discrete button that allows clients to signal Panic and talk to an operator while in distress. The call will be handled by our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Near Me Mode: A functionality that allows clients to view incidents occurring within 3-5 km radius from their location.

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