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Travel Logistics Solutions

Traveling to and operating in high-risk environments can be extremely challenging. That is why we have created a broad-spectrum logistical solution for companies and individuals. Through an extensive network of local human resources such as fixers, we offer a variety of services that include:

  • Pre-travel planning: i.e. arranging flights, booking accommodation, etc.
  • Translation services.
  • Transportation of personnel and equipment between borders.
  • Acquiring the necessary paperwork and authorizations to travel to certain locations.
  • Secure transportation.
  • VIP-Fast Track treatment at airports/ borders.
Government Liaison Services

Through years of experience working in the region and during the period of the “Arab Spring”, and given the vital role governmental entities play in any business’ operations, we have developed a fast-communication line with governmental offices. We help handle all the formalities so our clients’ operations can run smoothly, saving them time and the opportunity to concentrate on their business. Wherever we operate, our solid network allows us to coordinate directly with government offices around the globe, to provide our clients with access to unparalleled logistical service, diplomatically exclusive routes, and permits to operate in special locations.

Our experts are resourceful and fully aware of the laws, regulations and requirements related to governmental services. With our established rapport with several local agencies, we get quick approvals and fast-track visas (priority visas) for our clients.

More specifically, Crownox helps clients in the following areas:

  • Authorization for use of special equipment.
  • Company licensing, registration, external approvals & licenses
  • Fast track treatment through borders and airports
  • Initial approvals for different operations, i.e. movie production and filming crew.
  • Visas Processing.
  • Amendments.
  • Obtaining permits for VIP routes.
  • Vetting & background checks.
Our Clients
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