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Basic Internal Assessment

The Basic Internal Assessment acts as a general evaluation of the security status of any business, facility, or project. This tool examines multiple factors including: location, staff, technology, capabilities and previous security incidents to identify potential risk exposures and determine possible threats. The Basic Internal Assessment provides our clients with a basic understanding of their vulnerabilities.


  • External threats
  • Operational and physical risks
  • Security personnel/workforce
  • Technology assessment

In-Depth Assessment

The In-Depth Risk Assessment is a comprehensive tool that provides deeper evaluation of our clients' potential risks, workforce, and operations. This tool collects input from all stakeholders, senior management and middle management, through a series of workshops.

That include:

  • Evaluating and outlining threats
  • Identifying relevant threats
  • Recommending risk mitigation measures
  • Reviewing Policy and Procedure
Location Assessment

Conducting location assessment is vital to businesses and organizations operating in new and unfamiliar environments. This specialized service is designed to provide our clients with a full spectrum security evaluation and assist them in securing their operations site, assets, and employees from security related threats.

Our location assessment process is comprised of two phases: 

Phase one: an on-site visit by our security experts to the location to perform a thorough physical inspection of the premises and the security measures implemented (if any). 

Phase two: a comprehensive report which presents the detailed observations of the site’s physical security measures and controls, highlights the positive factors, and provides recommendations for correcting vulnerabilities.

Report key points:

  • Site location and coordinates.
  • Immediate locality information:
    • Surrounding area (political and social environment).
    • Neighbouring entities.
    • Medical facilities.
    • Available services.
  • Description of the Premises (facilities, structure, history, entrances & exits, internal and external conditions).
  • Review of current crime rates.
  • Positive factors of location.
  • Vulnerabilities of location.
Specialized Security Training

Depending on our client needs and preferences, we provide security training courses tailored for clients operating in high-risk environments. The training courses provide a complete understanding of contingency planning and crisis management during different scenarios as complex as emergency evacuations.

Trainees are placed in simulated, realistic and high stress situations through Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). Training involves theory and scenario-based practice, to ensure that each trainee understands and masters the skills and can use them to navigate through difficult situations.

Security training courses include:

  • Compliance training
  • Country entry orientation
  • Crisis management
  • HEAT
  • Setting security SOPs (Standard Operations procedures)
  • Personal data protection
  • Threat modelling
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