Travel Risk Management (TRM)

There Are Things You Know and Do,
Things You Know but Don’t Do,
and Things You Don’t Know,
But We Do.

There are security risks all around the world, even at home, imagine the risks one would encounter in a foreign environment, where there are cultural differences, unique political situations, and where there might be civil unrest, health-related issues, and high crime rates, among others. Downplaying the importance and vitality of planning and implementing a comprehensive travel risk management plan which considers all risks from the moment travelers leave their homes until they reach their destination, is a risk all on its own.

Through a combination of technology , local sources and professional expertise, Crownox’s overarching travel risk management plan was designed to assist organizations in fulfilling their duty of care towards employees, and conducting business safely overseas.
Crownox’s across-the-board program stems from its flexibility. We are aware that every company has unique needs and distinct operations, that is why we will work closely with you and your team in order to produce the most suitable framework for your travel plans, that takes into consideration the area, and the travelers’ profile.

Things you know but don’t do
Security reporting, general political issues, locations’ threat levels, prepare for flight cancellations, burglaries, or minor incidents
Things you know and do
Working, visas, hotels, flights, planning for possible natural disasters and infectious diseases, good and bad locations to visit, traditions
Things you don’t know but we do
Geopolitical situation, governmental regulations, cultural restrictions, the proper times of traveling to avoid risk exposure, gathering and analysis of intelligence from the ground and from the open source, getting authorization for use of special equipment, safest and fastest routes, diplomatically exclusive routes, and permits to operate in special locations

A sound business decision must be based on knowledge, facts, and a pragmatic assessment of the situation at hand. With the aim to assist you in the decision-making process when traveling to a particular country or region, and to make sure your employees are informed and well-educated before their journey, we start by providing an in-depth assessment that includes challenges the country/region is facing, and concludes with recommendations based on clients’ requests.

The assessment offers country-specific information and expands on all relevant details regarding health and safety. In addition to the travel assessment, we also provide orientation, guidance and country entry training to travelers ahead of their journey. The orientation and the training are aimed at making travelers knowledgeable about the resources accessible to them in case of an emergency, preparing them for crisis management and familiarizing them with the emergency plans at hand, communication mediums and code of behavior.

In-depth assessment that includes an overview, latest developments, and challenges the country/region is facing such as: cultural, political, civil, security and safety concerns, health risks and required vaccinations, crime risks, sexual harassment and rape incidents, kidnappings, natural disasters among others.

Providing orientation and guidance to travelers prior to traveling.

Providing made-to-measure training to travelers.

In country

Given the latest global events and how they affected duty of care, companies are paying more attention to the importance of intelligence, situational awareness, and threat assessment. Crownox will provide you with the needed information, insights, and countermeasures. We offer real-time security intelligence (through a mobile app) that will help your team stay aware of their surroundings, provide early warnings of possible disruptions, an in-depth coverage and a daily analysis of current issues along with a strategic outlook to rising risks and threats that may affect your operations in the weeks to come, as well as give you the ability to monitor the location, and safety of your employees.

In addition, our close protection and logistical services assist in the safe and monitored movement of your high-profile personnel in politically volatile countries that carry an elevated risk. Our operations teams are flexible, low-profile and licensed security professionals who are committed to limiting your exposure to personal and operational risks during missions. Crownox’s logistical services include: arranging flights, booking accommodation, translation, transportation of personnel and equipment between borders, acquiring the necessary paperwork for our client's operations, and the necessary authorizations for traveling to certain locations, in addition to fast track treatment through borders and airports.

Real-time security intelligence to keep travelers aware of their surroundings.

In-country threat and risk analyses.

Monitor the safety and health of your employees.

Logistics, secure transportation and executive protection to accompany your team while traveling.

Panic button in case of an emergency.

24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) hotline ready to respond to any crisis.

Emergency Response

In case of an emergency, having around-the-clock security support ready to respond to your emergency call is vital and will give you peace of mind while you are conducting your travel and business activities. Our response team is available 24/7 and ready to be dispatched at any time, to provide executive protection, extraction, medical assistance as well as border coordination.

Our emergency response services include:

  1. Emergency Extraction & Evacuation: A professional security team will be deployed in times of emergency to perform evacuation or extraction backed by our 24/7 GSOC and intelligence team to ensure the safety of travelers.
  2. Emergency Intervention: Along with our EPAs and drivers, we deploy a backup team to be on standby with 24/7 GSOC and intelligence support, for ensuring that in case of an emergency, our personnel will respond immediately.  
  3. 24/7 Operations Center: Our round the clock operational support handles panic calls and crisis interventions, has access to government liaison offices and a network of hospitals and clinics, and coordinates the logistics of booking flights, accommodations or helicopters in the case of evacuations. 
  4. Medical Assistance and Evacuation: Our medical assistance team maintains an extensive network of private and state hospitals, clinics, through which we offer medical referral services. Crownox also offers medical escort transportation when needed, where clients can be provided with special arrangements to fly home with the assistance of medical escorts (nurse or doctor). In the case that the local medical standards are not satisfactory, we arrange for an emergency medical evacuation from the place of accident through air ambulance transfers, medical air/ground ambulances, and medical escorts.
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