Unique Resources, High Capabilities
Strategic Risk Mitigation

At Crownox, we follow a holistic risk assessment approach to understand and detect risks and define the interrelated effects they might have on every aspect of our clients’ organizations, and then present a customized solution that serves the clients’ needs. We do this by employing expertise, capabilities and intelligence to move our outlook from a strategic to a tactical level.

Advanced Capabilities

Through years of experience working in the region, we have assembled a large pool of local security professional experts, who are highly trained with deep understanding of International organizations’ protocols. Our executive protection teams backed by our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) and intelligence analysts provide you with nothing less than the best security support even in the most insecure parts of the world.

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International Benchmark

Our executive protection agents (EPAs) and security consultants are SIA licensed, with experience in international organizations, diplomatic delegations and government affairs. This enables them to meet the international benchmark for security services. Crownox's legal department and security teams consist of experts and international lawyers that ensure compliance with our clients' legal requirements and the country of operation's regulations.


Technology is embedded in every step and in every aspect of our operations in order to create a robust risk mitigation framework, reduce the margin of error and continue to improve the accuracy of our results. Through technology we ensure operations run smoothly, by tracking our teams on the ground on 24/7 basis and maintaining a solid communication line. Our in-house-developed technology collects data by aggregating the open source for information specific to our clients’ needs; we monitor, collect, and sift through all the information in real-time.

Problem-Solving Approach

Through operating in volatile environments, we identified the need for tailored and personalized risk management solutions to drive the organizations’ business continuity and success. We are mindful that every company has unique needs and distinct operations, and as such, we maintain a policy of flexibility. To that end, we have also developed a fast-communication line with governmental offices, hospitals and clinics and created a broad-spectrum logistical solution for companies and individuals.

Our Clients
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