“Crownox has proved nimble, responsive and comprehensive in their due diligence and source of wealth inquiries for us in Jordan and Palestine. ”

“Crownox has proved nimble, responsive and comprehensive in their due diligence and source of wealth inquiries for us in Jordan and Palestine. ”


When Crownox initially started operating in this field, our primary goal was to assist clients and organizations in navigating challenging environments and locations. These challenges included issues like the absence of readily available public records, the complexities of conducting licensed due diligence services, and the impact of evolving political developments, which compounded the difficulties faced.

Today, we operate globally and help customers in the process of incorporation and handling potential risks connected with acquiring new clients, external entities, and immigration application processes. We provide screening and due diligence solutions tailored to the risks involved in each opportunity. Our services encompass screening against sanctions and government watch lists, evaluating reputations through examining public records and gathering insights from local human intelligence and source inquiries. Crownox operates through local teams whose individuals bring extensive networks of human relations, employed to fill the gap between what is available and what is publicly inaccessible. Our team of field researchers, analysts, lawyers, legal accountants, and former employees of governmental entities are well-versed in a number of languages, and have a deep understanding of international companies’ needs as well.


Our due diligence research methodology is legal and confidential; it utilizes public records and includes an in-depth open source analysis conducted in different languages. In addition, we perform a number of internationally-recognized checks including OFAC and United Nations Security Council Sanctions List among others. We ensure the utmost compliance and confidentiality to effectively mitigate risks and safeguard against ill-advised decision-making.

Through working with local experts who collectively have a vast network in both public and private sectors all over the world, which they utilize to authenticate documents, validate facts and collect information, Crownox can reach where others can’t.

Due diligence Checklist

Personal Information
Background checks
National ID number
Personal Information Check
Personal reputation & affiliations
Residential address(es)
Academic records
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Company/Subsidiary mentions
Local Media & Internet Multilingual Sources
Mass media mentions
Public Image Assessment
Reputation Assessment
Social Media Assessment
The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
The System for Award Management (SAM)
United Nations Security Council sanctions list
Financial & Corporate Information
Assets Verification
Bankruptcy, liens & tax standing
Business affiliations & associations
Credit history
Financial data
Legal Records
Civil litigation history
Criminal history
Legal filings check
Crownox provides the investigative due diligence in three layers:
Layer 1 comprises a standard due diligence report, which includes: background verification, identity check, verification of corporate entity and criminal record checks.
Layer 2 provides a more thorough and closer look into the subject by interviewing local connections and inner circles. In addition, we analyze information derived from the open source, given that computer-based sources and databases are only periodically updated. Open source research includes international and local media analysis and adverse media research, in English and local languages.
For a well-rounded investigation and a deeper look into the wider circle of the subject, a third layer can be added, which includes investigations of the subject’s next of kin, companies the subject conducts business with, or is funded by, in addition to multi-jurisdictional investigations.
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