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“When The Going Gets Tough,
The Tough Get Going

The world is increasingly becoming a complex operating environment, where managing risks to corporations and their personnel is a daily concern. The lack of a robust security risk management strategy is sure to result in failures in organizational operations and management.
Our tailored and personalized risk management solution is designed to drive the organizations’ business continuity and success, through a combination of skills and experience, local knowledge, and a systematic approach.

Our security risk management strategy rests on three main pillars;

Unique Human Capabilities: Our security professionals are streetwise local residents of the regions they operate within...
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State of the Art Technology: During security missions, communication is King.
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24/7 Global Security Operations Center: Crownox’s 24/7 GSOC is the backbone of our risk management framework as it provides prompt response
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Executive Protection & Secure Transportation

We understand the uniqueness of each client’s operations, industry, size, culture, and risk profile. Our experts work directly with you to fully grasp your general requirements and current situation. Then create a security framework that suits your profile which can be incorporated seamlessly into your operations.
By utilizing our large pool of highly trained executive protection agents (EPAs), we limit our clients’ exposure to personal risk that might be encountered due to their employment, wealth, high profile status, associations or geographical location. Whether you’re in need of overt or covert protection services, our teams are available and ready to be dispatched at any time.
Secure transportation is an indispensable part of every executive protection operation, but can also be deployed separately to provide support ahead of the travelers’ movement. As each situation is different, we maintain a policy of flexibility when it comes to our secure transportation services. We customize the level of security provided depending on your needs and the level of risk.
In order for you to effortlessly and safely operate your business, we provide highly skilled, experienced and trained individuals; a reconnaissance driver is deployed to the location a day prior to clients’ visits, who also has the necessary permits to navigate through routes restricted to diplomatic use and get travelers to their destination faster and safer. As an added security measure in hostile environments, we deploy an advanced vehicle to provide the final approval after scanning the area for potential threats.

Mercedes-Benz or Similar
52 Passengers
52 Large Suitcases
Cadillac SUV or Similar
6 Passengers
5 Suitcases
Mercedes Minibus or Similar
20 Passengers
15 Large Suitcases
Mercedes S-Class or Similar
4 Passengers
3 Medium Suitcases
Puma HC2 or Similar
2 Passengers
Sikorsky S-76 or Similar
5 Passengers
Beechcraft Premier
12 Passengers
12 Large Suitcases
Skoda Octavia or Similar
4 Passengers
3 Medium Suitcases
Unique Human Capabilities

Our security professionals are streetwise local residents of the regions they operate within; they are well-aware of its geopolitical situation, speak the local languages, and know the region’s areas like the back of their hands.
Through years of working with international organizations and high-profile diplomats, our SIA licensed agents have acquired the professional skills and experience to carry out operations everywhere in the region.

Internationally trained: SIA licensed, extensively trained, thoroughly vetted, and hold close protection and first-aid certificates.

Professional Expertise: Experience operating in embassies, working as team leaders for high profile diplomats, and a verified track record of timely service delivery.

Local Experts: Internationally trained but locally-based, and have a complete understanding of local threats.

Low Profile: Maintain low-profile cover during security operations to deliver the highest protection level.

Multilingual: Speak English, Arabic and other required languages depending on the location of operations.

State of the Art Technology

During security missions, communication is King. That is why we have embedded technology within the security framework in order to ensure the safety of our clients and maintain real-time communication with them even when the physical security teams are absent.
This technology enables Crownox to monitor the movement of travelers and the speed of vehicles round the clock through tracking devices. Clients are also offered access to a panic button , to be pressed at any moment travelers deem safety-threatening or whenever they are separated from the group.
Through this framework, we aim to reduce the margin of error and provide our clients with the peace of mind they need while conducting their business activities.

24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

Crownox’s 24/7 GSOC is the backbone of our risk management framework as it provides prompt response and the support needed for all operations, and ensures you’re never caught off guard. Our GSOC is operated by a team of highly trained professional security experts, who not only monitor the movement of travelers, but also monitor and oversee the changes in the region’s threat levels in order to alert our clients immediately of any high-risk incidents through real-time intelligence. We take a proactive client-focused approach to detecting and uncovering risks around the region through gathering intelligence, monitoring, and tracking. Crownox’s GSOC continuously gathers, analyses and reports real-time intelligence, and then examines intelligence from the ground, observed by our advanced vehicles to ensure everything is in place ahead of the travelers’ visit.
Our round the clock operational support handles panic calls, has access to government liaison offices and a network of hospitals and clinics, and coordinates the logistics of booking flights, accommodations or helicopters in the case of evacuations.

  1. Monitor real-time intelligence on the region’s threat level – to proactively mitigate the risk exposure when the political and security situations shift.
  2. Receive and analyze intelligence from advanced vehicles (on the ground intelligence).
  3. Real-time tracking and monitoring of operations on the ground – through tracking devices, and communication with team leaders.
  4. Emergency response – communication and coordination with relevant third parties i.e. governmental offices, hospitals, airlines, helicopters.
  5. Report developments to clients’ headquarters.
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