Crownox has helped major international clients to turn their logistical ideas into a reality. A high-profile organization chose Crownox for full logistics submission. The organization conducts monthly professional trips to critical areas in the MENA region for community leaders and academics from various political and religious backgrounds, where each participant has different needs and preferences. In this case, the organization was planning trips to Israel and Palestine. Our team was responsible to provide fully integrated logistical plans for those monthly trips to the region, such as itineraries, hotel reservations, venues, food, transportation, and security.


In our course of work, we’ve provided many businesses and organizations with logistical plans and operational support. However, this case was different because this organization wanted to take its members to specific areas that are considered friction points rather than avoiding them. Such friction points are Palestinian refugee camps within the West Bank where Israeli forces conduct military operations leading to clashes between them and Palestinians. Moreover, they wanted to visit H1 and H2 areas in the Palestinian city in Hebron where right-wing Israeli settlers reside and they are known to be the most hostile towards internationals amongst the West Bank’s settler community.


On a last-minute, the group's laptops' provider has canceled their order. The problem was handed over to Crownox to provide 15 laptops along with headsets and translation devices in less than 12 hours.

24 hours before the program starts, the team requested 30 Old Testament Bibles translated to English and Arabic, 30 New Testament Bibles translated into Hebrew and 60 Qurans translated to Hebrew. This request was challenging due to the limited number of such books that can be found in the market.

Planning our clients’ visit to H1 and H2 areas in the Palestinian city of Hebron which requires coordination with community leaders, the PA, and the Israeli authorities to ensure their safety.

In each trip, different participants take part in this program, which means that our team needs to study each participant's needs closely in order to provide them with the best service. Some participants demand kosher/halal food, where we request those meals from restaurants that follow the Islamic and/or Jewish dietary regulations and ensure their transportation to the participants' location even when staying in a remote location.


In under 12 hours, our technical team was able to provide them with 15 laptops along with headsets and translation devices. The laptops contained security software in order to protect the participants' data and private information. Crownox team also managed to provide the participants with copies of religious books translated into different languages before the program started.

Crownox coordinated the visit with local community leaders in these refugee camps, and along with our low-profile executive protection team, the group successfully managed to safely visit and stay in various refugee camps within the West Bank. Moreover, our team coordinated with Israeli authorities and the PA to authorize the group to visit H1 and H2 areas in Hebron.

Crownox team also managed to deliver meals to the group that complies with their standards (Kosher/Halal) even when they were staying in different refugee camps.

After the first year's contract expired, the organization has signed a new contract with Crownox expressing their high satisfaction with the professionalism our team shows and the high-profile services we offer that have always met the needs of each and every participant.