Crownox was approached by an international corporation to extract one of their C- level managers from an Arab country to an Eastern European country just as the COVID-19 outbreak had accelerated and was declared a pandemic. Right before the client’s request, which was received around 10:30 pm, both countries had declared emergency state lockdown and imposed travel restrictions on their borders and airspace.


Within the span of 90 minutes, Crownox was able to obtain approvals and permits for landing a private jet to transport the client back to their home country. Crownox’s GSOC had a 3-way communication channel within the concerned countries, including the country hosting the private jet, and liaised with various governmental offices, aviation authorities, airports and private Jet companies in multiple countries. The obtained authorizations allowed for the private jet to take off from its country of origin, land in the Arab country and cleared to depart and land in the client’s home country in Eastern Europe, provided that the necessary precautions and measures were taken to avoid the virus spread.

Additionally, Crownox had an on-ground standby team stationed within 10 minutes from the client’s residence for transport to the airport. The team consisted of an EPA and a security driver, the EP was the main point of contact with the authorities to ease the transport process, avoid potential delays and guarantee departure of the client on time.

The efficiency of Crownox’s quick response was even more critical in this case, considering that governments under emergency situations tend to make quick and instant decisions regarding movement across their borders which could have affected the extraction procedure.