Crownox was assigned a job by a prominent US businessman who was traveling to the Middle East to visit various historical/religious sites in Jordan, Israeli-controlled areas, and PA-controlled areas along with his family. Crownox was tasked to provide a comprehensive security plan that includes executive protection (EP), logistical support and 24/7 intelligence monitoring to our client. The trip was complex for a variety of reasons:

Geopolitical Developments: Navigating through 3 different borders with each having its own geopolitical complexities, laws, and fluctuating threat levels.

Cross-border EP: Providing the client with multilingual executive protection officers who are able to operate and travel effectively across Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank.

Transportation: Delivering the required means of transportation, in this case, the client asked for a helicopter to travel domestically and a private Jet for leaving Jordan at the end of the trip. Securing a helicopter is much harder in Jordan since helicopters are restricted to military use.

We provided the client and his security director with an initial risk assessment and a proposed action plan for the job. After the client approved the action plan, Crownox met with the client along with his family and his security director in the US to provide them with the details of every aspect of the trip (I.e local customs, entering holy places, etc..) and discuss the security plan in detail.


After Crownox briefed the client on the action plan, Crownox sent an advance group of executive protection agents to Jordan in order to assess every location the client was going to visit such as airports, hotels, and touristic places. Moreover, they went to brief the pilots from the Jordanian Air Force from whom Crownox coordinated the use of the Puma military helicopter for the client.

Our team was able to provide the client with different means of transportation in short notice, a variety of low profile vehicles for the family in addition to executive protection agents who stayed with the client and his family throughout the whole trip, as well as two tour guides (one for Jordan and one for Israel and Palestine). Although there are no helicopters available for civilian use in Jordan, Crownox was able to coordinate with the Royal Jordanian Air Force and provided the client with a Puma military helicopter. Further coordination was conducted with the Petra Police Department in order to get a permit to land near the historical site.

Crownox was able to coordinate private jets through MARCA (military airport in Amman) to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. At the airport, our clients were granted VIP fast track treatment through immigration to ensure a smooth process.

Our executive protection team included agents from various nationalities with some of them able to operate in 2 different geopolitical areas (Palestinian controlled areas - Israeli Controlled areas). Our team members speak fluent Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Our vehicles had access to diplomatic only routes. Moreover, although our officers are armed they maintained a low profile cover. Part of our operations included an advance vehicle that screened each location 30 minutes prior to the arrival of the client and provided the security team with approval to proceed.

Intelligence support was provided in cooperation with our sister company RedCrow who provided the clients with mobile applications that gave them access to real-time incident reporting with a radius of 100 km of their location. RedCrow also keeps updating the client with threat levels of each area in their country of interest as well as providing early warnings for potential threats.

The job went smoothly and everything went as planned, the client and his family were highly satisfied with their experience with Crownox as they were able to freely enjoy their trip while simultaneously feeling safe without being restricted to security protocols.