In the second half of 2023, several major clients of Crownox requested to expand its pentesting services in multiple regions in Europe including UK and Ireland. These requests stemmed from the successful cases that were previously conducted in the Middle East by Crownox. Crownox's pentesting service focuses on physical security assessments aimed at evaluating the awareness of security personnel and the effectiveness of security systems.


Security teams often become complacent in their roles, influenced by the familiarity of their surroundings which can lead to loose practices and gaps within the security structure.


Crownox deployed teams of 2 to 4 security experts with diverse backgrounds, including different genders and ethnicities, to simulate real-world scenarios matching the environments of the client organizations. Equipped with a set of practices, these agents conducted physical penetration testing exercises over two to three working days.

Following the evaluation, a comprehensive report was provided which highlighted the vulnerabilities and gaps within the clients' security system, procedures and posture.