Crownox was tasked to assemble an executive protection team for a client in China. Crownox was to recruit and train relevant candidates within a limited time-frame that would make up the executive protection team. The client asked for a team that is made up of local agents who understand the local environment and international EPAs who are more experienced in worldwide operations. Thus, Crownox searched for experienced local candidates as well as international candidates who’d be fit enough to communicate and operate effectively with one another. After the recruitment process, Crownox then had to train the selected candidates in order to meet the specific needs of the client. In order to conduct this training, it was necessary to obtain proper facilities within China that would allow us to conduct our executive protection training and locate suitable venues for our operational driving course.


In the recruitment process, Crownox collaborated with a local security consultant in ensuring that we recruited and selected the best local personnel available. Within the recruitment phase, candidates had to pass a screening process which included a background check, integrity test, and reference check prior to the final interview involving the client.

Following the recruitment phase, Crownox moved into planning the logistics for the upcoming training courses. Crownox managed to obtain proper training facilities and venues necessary for relevant training purposes. After ensuring that all the necessary resources are provided the Crownox brought experienced trainers from the US to train the newly established team in both Corporate Executive Protection as well as Security-Oriented Driving.

Following the completion of the logistics phase, we had the necessary conditions established in order to implement the training process. The focus of our training was to prepare the team for their upcoming roles and responsibilities as executive protection personnel.

In addition to the newly trained Executive Protection team in China, Crownox has also put together the resources and international Executive Protection agents to provide the client with the necessary services when traveling internationally.

Crownox trained Operational Drivers from various locales throughout China with the Executive Protection Team, thus giving the client trained personnel in different geographic zones. Moreover, Crownox established communication and emergency protocols to accommodate the client’s domestic and international travel.