Crownox was contracted by a multinational company to assist in its termination of 100+ employees due to the closing of its Middle Eastern branch in Amman, Jordan. The company was not equipped with the security that was needed to carry out the process. Moreover, the announcement posed the threat of retaliation and anger from the employees. As such, Crownox was asked to assist with crowd control and to provide 24/7 security including 3 armed vehicles, 3 armed EPAs and 1 team leader throughout the 5-day long mission.


We first conducted a location assessment for the two locations where the mission was going to take place in: the hotel meeting room and the company office. Our team checked the security system, blueprints and exits for both the hotel meeting room and the company office before creating an evacuation plan.

The day before the actual termination, we provided a standby team which consisted of overnight EPAs stationed in front of the hotel where the managers from abroad stayed in.

On the day of termination, we stationed security vehicles at the emergency exits of the hotel in which the meeting took place. The CEO announced the termination to the staff in the meeting room. Our low-profile team leader was staged as an employee in the room. We provided a total of 4 low-profile agents (3 of which were armed) and EPAs for escort of the CEO, COO and CTO of the company.

After the delivery of the news, we provided secure transportation and escorted the staff back to the company office via buses to collect their belongings. We assisted the company in ensuring the safe return of company collateral such as credit cards, laptops and access cards. In addition, we ensured that the whole process was finalized without any compromising company sensitive data. In the company office, we closed 2 of the 3 exits to ensure maximum security. We also safeguarded the gates of entry and exit and distributed our EPAs on each floor of the building to maintain the situation.

At the end of the mission, Crownox was able to maintain and protect valuable data throughout the mass employee termination. Although there was the potential for conflict to occur, we were able to effectively mitigate risk and avoid such a conflict from happening. All in all, it was a smooth process that was fully supported and facilitated from our end.